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Our Story

Jon Jackson and his wife Amanda have deep roots in West Texas, dating back several generations. Jon, a Shallowater grad, and Amanda, a Monterey grad, met, married and raised their children right here in Lubbock. They are deeply committed to family, and have happily embraced reidentifying as Nan and Pop as they welcome in the next generation. Jon was blessed to spend many years at Betenbough Homes where he served as CFO and then on the board of directors. He had a fruitful 17 year employment at Betenbough, focusing on corporate culture, mission, and growth before retiring in 2017. Jon enjoyed some much-needed rest and renewal for several years following his departure, but in 2023 felt a tug to begin a new adventure here in Lubbock, thus Springhouse Companies was born. 


Grant Batson and his wife Jill call Tennessee home. They have raised their family in the Nashville area and are now enjoying life as grandparents as well. Grant has spent most of his career in a wood shop. Through his journey, he has become a master woodworker, establishing and running several businesses focused on the production of fine wood products such as acoustic guitars and high-end tobacco pipes.

Jon and Grant developed a friendship through their mutual involvement in a ministry based near Nashville called Narrow Gate. Jon was a longtime supporter, and Grant was on staff teaching young men the art of craftsmanship. Jon and Grant are kindred spirits, sharing a mutual love for God, the creation of beautiful things and places, and the desire to sow into the younger generation.

After deciding to make a change, Grant and Jill took the leap to join the Jacksons in the startup of Springhouse Companies. While maintaining their homestead in middle Tennessee, they have graciously established a second home base here in Lubbock, joining in the vision of creating and restoring beauty in West Texas.  

We have big dreams for the future of Springhouse.  For now, we are focused on building semi-custom, carefully crafted homes, aided by an in-house wood shop in downtown Lubbock where we plan to create beautiful architectural features for our projects.


Our Team

Coming Soon! Learn more about our story and hear from the Springhouse team 
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